Indus Consortium for Humantrain, Environment, and Development Initiatives

The Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environment, and Development Initiative is an umbrella of 64 civil society organizations in Pakistan and is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under section 42 of the companies’ ordinance of Pakistan. Indus Consortium is a certified member of the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP), registered as tax Payer Company with FBR with NPO status, and has an MOU with the Economic Affairs Division of Pakistan (EAD) to be an eligible, not-for-profit organization to receive foreign funding for ongoing Projects and Program.


Indus Consortium has implemented more than 25 multi-partner, multi-district, and multi-province, long-term DRR, livelihoods, Irrigation water Governance, Climate Change, and Humanitarian related projects with 60 remembers and affiliates CSOs in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan provinces in Pakistan. The humanitarian program is the core program of the Indus Consortium.

Indus Consortium works in the following thematic areas

Since its inception in 2008 and registration in (2014) Indus consortium has implemented different Projects with the support of the following partners:

Implementation Strategies

Research / Evidence Generation, Capacity Building, IEC & Media Engagement, Engaging Academia, Policy Advocacy & Lobbying, Networking.Indus Consortium has a BOD comprised of 04 persons associated with the founding members of Indus Consortium. The board is headed by the BOD Director as chairman who has appointed the CEO and Company secretary who heading the overall Management of the Indus Consortium. The Manager Program Implementation, Manager Operations, Media, and Communication Manager directly report to the CEO while field teams are reporting to Manager Program Implementation and Manager Operations. All the projects have been implemented with the consortium members which promotes accountability, and transparency and creates the value of money. All 64 members have well-equipped offices, and have good relations and networking with communities, government, media, academia, and other relevant stakeholders. The consortium members share resources, knowledge, and social networks with each other and can expand program operations in 60 districts across Pakistan. Indus Consortium has 03 members and 60 affiliates across Pakistan.