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Ongoing Projects

Just Energy Transition PROGRAM

Indus Consortium since December 2020 working in the realm of advocating climate-friendly green financing and phase-down of fossil gas projects in Pakistan. Under the Just Energy Transition program, Indus Consortium is engaged with national and International Financing Institutions for advocating the implementation of green financing in the energy sector. Indus Consortium is tracking the implementation of the State Bank of Pakistan’s frameworks including Green Banking Guidelines (GBG) and Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy (FSRE) through research work and advocacy.

With the World Bank Group (WBG), Indus Consortium is engaged in the consultation process as a stakeholder, tracking its financing and assistance in the energy sector and advocating green financing initiatives. Indu’s consortium has been engaged in the consultative process of country partnership framework (CPF) under the umbrella of GROW Green Network of Pakistan which was established and strengthened and has representation from 23 organizations of Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan. IC is currently engaged with WBG at the consultation level in projects including PACE programs and Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for Pakistan.

With the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Indus Consortium is engaged in the Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) process for Pakistan advocating community-inclusive just energy transition for the people of Pakistan. Moreover, Indus Consortium is campaigning for the phase-down of fossil gas and the promotion of Renewable Energy in Pakistan. Indus Consortium is also engaged with MNCs by tracking their investments in fossil fuel projects.

Humanitarian PROGRAM

The (64) members of the Indus Consortium have responded to flood 2022. The consortium with the partnership of WFP in Sindh under the “Blanket supplementary nutritional Program” provided assistance to 48000 pregnant & lactating women and children above 6 months to below 23 months. Indus Consortium under the GROW Green Network completed the winterization kit distribution drive in 10 districts of the Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan. The financial assistance was provided by the Oil Change International Australia and NGO Forum on ADB based in the Philippines. Apart from that, Indus Consortium with the collaboration of FM-100 has also organized 20 radio talk shows in RAHBAR-100 radio show, where GROW Green Network members shared the humanitarian situation and real-time needs of flood affected their respective districts. FM-100 mobilized radio sets for flood-affected communities of Pakistan which were distributed by the Indus Consortium with the NHN chapters among the flood-affected community who were living in tents and makeshift in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan provinces in Pakistan.

Apart from the response, Indus consortium with the partnership of Tara-climate Foundation advocates for a number of flood issues on a provincial, national, and international level. The 20 GROW Green members conducted public forums in 20 districts (10 Sindh, 10 Punjab) with the following policy asks”

Influencing on Gender - Inclusive Disaster Risk Management

Partner Name: Oxfam in Pakistan

Time duration: May 2023- October 2023.

Geographical locations:

The overall objective of the project is to influence Gender inclusive Disaster Risk Management & Women Safeguarding by the end of 2023.
The project intends to influence institutional humanitarian frameworks for gender-responsive actions and gender-inclusive disaster risk management for informed decisions by the end of 2023.
It will advocate MoCC, Women Development Department, and Sindh Commission on the Status of Women, PDMA for the gender-inclusive disaster risk management

Relevant government departments, parliamentarians, and media have endorsed a 15-point declaration on gender inclusion in disaster risk management


Fair Finance

The Fair Finance Pakistan (FFP) is committed to ensuring that financial institutions in Pakistan respect the social and environmental well-being of local communities, and integrate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria in their business strategies. The FFP Coalition initially consist of 16 member CSOs with expertise in finance, advocacy, and research, mostly based in urban areas for ease of approaching financial institutions. Fair Finance Pakistan aims to mobilize urban citizens, predominantly through digital spaces, and to advocate for positive change for marginalized communities, particularly those which have been affected by the financing of projects within the country that have incurred environmental degradation. The Fair Finance Pakistan Coalition builds on the legacy work of Oxfam’s Finance 4 Development (F4D) project and will further the country-level agenda by contributing to reducing extreme inequalities (SDG 10), forging new alliances and partnerships to influence financial sector policy and practices, promote transparency, and advocate for human rights. The Program is funded by the Swedish Embassy in Thailand and in partnership with Oxfam International through Oxfam Cambodia implemented by Indus Consortium in Pakistan.


The Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environment, and Development Initiative

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